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About that Religion….

July 28, 2022

Personally, I don’t subscribe to any organized religion.

Indeed, I don’t even think about a god and I don’t fret about death particularly, even with what I went through recently. (I am not fond of pain.)

I don’t pray whatsoever. I do not practice the faith in which I was raised although I do identify as Jewish from a cultural perspective as that was my upbringing.

I am respectful of those who do subscribe to any particular faith and practice. I recognize that for many, they draw strength from their faith. For that I am pleased for them.

Others have prayed for me on my behalf. This is a very kind gesture for which I am grateful.

Caring for others itself can be restorative regardless of what one believes in from a faith perspective. We all fair better in a safe and caring community.

I am not accepting of those who use their faith as a cudgel to require conformity to values that are undermining to the wellbeing of others and non-inclusive. From my perspective, that is hate, discrimination and prejudice disguised as faith whether or not the person so practicing is aware of it or not.

I do seek to live my life from a place of compassion, inclusion and equity, with the belief that when we lift people up, not only do they benefit, but so too, all society.

Regardless of faith, to me a life lived well is one that is mindful and supportive of others.

To that end, resources are meant to be shared and not hoarded. With that, people can live with less fear for mere existence. Therein is the path to peaceful coexistence.

I do appreciate the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.”

I do accept that I am human and as such make mistakes. I do my best to take responsibility for myself.

Please have a peaceful day.

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