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About Gary

About Gary:

gary-2015-headI am 64-years-of-age and a social worker with more than 38 years of experience helping people with issues related to family life, relationship and parenting.

I am in private practice, available in person from my home office in Keswick, Ontario, Canada and through video conferencing to anywhere in the world. Half of the folks I see is through video conferencing.

Although I no longer go to court, courts in Ontario, consider me an expert on social work, marital and family therapy, child development, parent-child relations, custody and access recommendations, and an expert at critiquing the assessments of other assessors. My court involved work was with predominantly high conflict separated parents.  Now, instead of court involvement, I help parents separate peacefully, whether through mediation, counseling or coaching.  My extensive experience with very difficult people and investment in training has equipped me to well appreciate the hardships faced by some parents exiting relationships with challenging partners.

My approach to counseling remains unique. I always set aside three hours for every appointment although I only bill for actual time used. I have long since learned that human problems don’t tuck neatly into the standard 50 minute session. With this approach we can end where it makes sense within three hours. This approach also means that folks don’t need to be seen weekly as matter are resolved or there are plans in place for people to carry out.

In addition to my counseling and peacemaking practice, I am also known for my work in traditional media. I hosted a TV show, Newlywed/Nearly Dead (65 episodes) and I was the parenting columnist for the Hamilton Spectator newspaper, having answered more than 650 questions in my column over the course of 13 years. Beyond that I have been interviewed on radio and TV at least another 600 times over my career.

Further to my private practice, I also provide workshops throughout Canada and the US on matters of relationships, family life, parenting, working with challenging people and peacemaking as well as helping other professionals grow their practice.

I enjoy a rich and varied work life, pleased to be of service to others.


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Contact Information:

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Interaction Consultants

27 Sina St.,

Georgina, Ontario  L4P 3E9

Tel: (905) 628-4847


Please note, people regularly come great distances to see me. If you are considering driving more than two or three hours, please let me know so I can set an appointment to accommodate your drive.


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  1. please review my counseling page and call me at my office, 905 628-4847…

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