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A strength-guided, goal-oriented approach to the positive growth and development of people and services. 


Welcome to Your Social Worker

I help people with relationships, parenting, child development/behavior, separation and divorce issues. Given 38 years of experience, I have learned a thing or two along the way having an array of experience serving on simple matters to remarkably complex issues with difficult people.

Courts in Ontario have deemed me an expert in social work, marital and family therapy, child development, parent-child relationships, as well as custody and access matters. I continue to help people resolve parenting issues related to separation and divorce through peacemaking means such as Collaborative Family Law, mediation, coaching and counseling.

Because of my depth of expertise and approach to service, people see me from considerable distances whether in person or worldwide through video conferencing, even when they have other closer help or benefits available.

Feel free to review my services, read my blog and many articles. If interested in service, then please call and we will discuss how I may be helpful. It is my pleasure to be of service and if you are browsing my site, then you likely are in a pickle and may be be happy to know I can usually see folks within a few weeks.


Gary Direnfeld, Your Social Worker.


27 Sina St., Keswick, Ontario, Canada L4P 3E9  905 628-4847

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