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Parenting and Politics

May 3, 2022

Parenting these days is such a greater challenge then from when we raised our son.

These days it takes two or more jobs just to make ends meet… and for some, barely at that.

Then, housing.

Before we can even talk parenting style, the stress of these other real life challenges must be acknowledged, lest we only lay blame upon parents for merely seeking to survive and provide for their families.

Of course kids miss their parents as a result. Of course it is more difficult to address emotional needs when consumed by physical needs. Of course it is more difficult to facilitate homework when rushing from place to place, job to job.

These are structural issues beyond the parents’ control that still does affect parenting and child rearing.

Then beyond that, educators are stretched beyond capacity, turned into that for which they are not trained: social workers and therapists.

Thus even the education system fails to meet the needs of students, no fault of the educators or parents.

It is so important to keep these challenges in mind when assessing child behavior issues.

So often the solution is not within the parent’s control.

These are issues that need to be addressed at the political level.

Politics is all about the distribution of power and wealth.

Today’s politicians have focused on the creation of wealth to the detriment of the working poor and all with the belief that those with power and wealth will create jobs to enable all to prosper.

Well… that’s just not true.

Greed is the variable not accounted for with that political thinking. Wealth begets more wealth. It creates a perspective that those who do not succeed simply aren’t trying hard enough.

That BS is just wealth using blame to justify and hide their greed.

Here in Ontario, an election is coming.

I do hope people see that the conservative party is one that puts personal wealth ahead of social good, despite their smoke and mirrors.

We must invest in the needs of parents and for that, education and mental health (child and adult).

Let us not be distracted by the shiny objects held in front of us. Look beneath the veil.

Please, this election.

ABC. Anyone But Conservative

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