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The Impact of Childhood Abuse on Adult Health…

February 14, 2022

Although she came for another matter, as we talked, I learned about her health issues.

She for a long time had stomach and digestive issues. So far, her doctor didn’t have a diagnosis.

Given our fulsome discussion, I suggested she ask her doctor to be checked out for Crohn’s disease.

She did and for better or worse, I was right.

Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease and is often seen as an autoimmune disorder.

The clue to cause me to suspect this was her experiences when a child, while growing. There were several examples of abuse and other forms of trauma.

There is considerable research to support the connection to these negative childhood experiences to later issues of mental and physical illness.

These negative childhood experiences are referred to as ACEs (Adverse Childhood

Experiences). The research on the impact and outcome of ACEs is robust.

Negative outcomes often include mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and even personality disorders.

Then there are physical disorders and ailments of which Crohn’s is one. There are many others.

When we look at matters of poverty, abuse, parental issues affecting the care

of children (abuse, substance/alcohol issues, separation, serious mental illness, incarceration), significant losses and other adverse experiences, we worry about the far-reaching effects of those experiences, not just the challenge of the moment.

Frequently I am talking with a parent in an abusive context currently.

Therein we also may talk about these concerns and impacts on their children. It is important to appreciate these concerns for their long-term implications.

Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs.

Want to know your ACE score or figure out that of your kids? Click on the link and take the quiz.

There is much to learn….

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