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Hypersensitivity: Imagine an ongoing Itch….

December 30, 2019

Ever wear a sweater that itches? How about underwear that is so tight, it bites? What about music you can’t stand, played loud?

Many of us can relate. We’ve had those or similar discomforting experiences. Thank goodness we can change our clothes, turn down the volume or choose another channel.

However, just imagine if you can’t. Just imagine if your life consisted of those ongoing irritations.

How long would it be before you flipped your lid?

Such is life for many kids on the spectrum. Such is life for those kids whose neurobiology has them wired to have hypersensitivity to touch, light, sound, tastes and odours.

What seems like nothing to us who are neurotypical can be so debilitating to these kids and adults.

When accommodations are sought, it is not to inconvenience those who are otherwise unfazed by seemingly normal stimulation.

Accommodations are sought just to make life bearable for these persons, so that every ounce of their attention doesn’t have to go to managing suffering but can then be directed to learning and socializing.

All of us, when not distracted by things painful to us, manage life better.

That is all that is sought. Our understanding and simple accommodations make all the difference.

Our learning about the life of others helps us welcome them.

Be kind. Accommodate.


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