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Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

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1 Rape-Bullied-Suicide

Teen raped, later bullied, then suicide..

(10 minute chat with Bill Kelly – CHML)

2 Rape and Social Media

Two teens convicted of rape, caught with social media!

(15 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

3 Marriage Rescue

Talking about the release of my book, couple counsleing and parental separation

(18 minute chat with Bill Kelly – CHML)

4 Living Apart Together Do you identify as being a couple although not cohabiting?
5 Transgendered Child

Which bathroom at school?

(13 minute chat with Bell Kelly – CHML)

6 Baby yes, Relationship no How about a single dad making a deal with a woman to share a baby?
7 Parenting Workshop  If you want some answers to common parenting questions and have an hour, you can watch my workshop provided for the Halton Catholic Board of Education
8 Major Depression Explained

Rebecca Marino breaks from tennis due to depression – what’s wrong?

(14 minute chat with SCott Thompson – CHML)

9 Mental Helath and the Workplace

Are employers doing enough? Do they get it?

(8 minute chat with Bell Kelly – CHML)

10 Aging Parent Loses Support Is there an obligation in law to support your parents?
11 Co-parenting

Separated/divorced with kids. Need insights for getting along?

(20 minute chat with Bell Kelly – CHML)

12 Bullying normal?

25% of teens believe bullying is normal, so what’s the issue?

(15 minute chat with Bill Kelly – CHML)

13 Gun Violence and Video Games

Is there a connection?

(7 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

14 School Strike

What do we tell our kids?

(5 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

15 Christmas Issues

Separated parents, alcohol, money…

(30 minute chat with Bill Kelly – CHML)

16 Remembering Sid Leon

Just a nice guy and staunch supporter of his home town, Hamilton

(10 minute chat with Bill Kelly – CHML)

17 Settling the Christmas Access Dispute Strategies and tips for creating peace at Christmas…
18 Sandy Hook – in the aftermath

Gun control or mental health services?

(30 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

19 Sperm Donor

Should the offspring get to meet the donor?

(12 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

20 Gay Man Sues Over Conversion Therapy

Should he win this lawsuit?

(12 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

21 Media and Suicide Copycat

Should Amanda’s video be used as a tool for anti-bullying. 

Will it inadvertanly promote suicide?

(12 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

22 Bullied to death

In the wake of a BC teen’s death, what to do about bullying?

23 Mom On Strike! Does going on strike change kids’ behaviour?
24 In the Wake of Bullying What to do?
25 Thanksgiving

Perhaps this will help you manage your family!

(11 minute chat with Mary Ito – CBC radio Toronto)

26 Gay Teen Counselling

California bans this form of counseling!

(12 minute chat with Scott Thompson – CHML)

27 Changing Families What the Canadian family now looks like…
28 Childless by Choice

Is it selfish?

(18 min discussion with Bill Kelly – CHML)

29 Parenting

Quantity of time is also an indicator of quality of time…

(17 min interview with Jamie west – CHML)

30 Managing Kids’ Behaviour

How do you go about it?

(10 minute chat with Rick, sitiing in for Scott Thompson – CHML)

31 Cohabiting? Know your partner first!
32 Gender Nonconformity and Abuse Abuse at home for being different contributes to adult dysfunction…
33 Alcohol at Home

Should parents allow young teens to drink at home?

(10 minute talk with Jamie West on CHML)

34 January Marital Meltdown Divorce rises in January. What’s up with that?
35 January Divorce

Let’s talk divorce and marital therapy…

(17 minutes with Scott Thompson on CHML)

36 Manly Men Are you pining for the old days, when men were men?
37 YouTube Kids Should you [put your kids on YouTube without their permission?
38 Bullying/Assault Addressing bullying, teen suicide and gender/sexual identity in teens
39 What Women Want Based on the book: “The Secret Lives of Wives”
40 Counselling the Counselors

Do Toronto City Counselors need Counselling?

(13 minute chat with Jerry Agar of 1010 Talk Radio)

41 Days of Significance What special days does your school board single out? Would you believe….
42 Drugs/Alcohol Would you even know if your son or daughter was using?
43 Issues of Bullying

What is it and what to do about it.

(17 min discussion with Bill Kelly – CHML)

44 Physical Intimacy Is it right to sue for lack of sex in a marriage?
45 Kids ‘n Money Do they under5stand value, money? At what age?
46 Homework How much is realistic / too much? What’s the value?
47 Changing Families Marriage, No Marriage, Divorce at latter ages….
48 Apology – After the riot Should this vandal still be held accountable?
49 Stay or Go Bad marriage? Should you stay together for the sake of the children?
50 Early Marriage Is the solution to better lasting marriages to get married earlier?
51 Wrist Band Controversial wrist band – I Love Boobies!
52 Old Flame

Marie Osmond marries old flame – Will it last?

(10-min chat with Jamie West – CHML)

53 Childcare Spaces The politics of funding….
54 Still At home

But at age 30???

(K-Lite FM – 5-minute chat with Sunny and Hayes) 

55 3 Year Glitch It used to be the 7 year itch….
56 Bath time? At what age are the kids not invited?
57 Celebrity Custody Battle Put the kids first. No really, put the kids first.
58 No-Fault Divorce Stay or go, good or bad?
59 Asian Parenting Is there a difference?
60 Raising Kids Today Tips for Parents
62 Cohabitation and Growing up Are they linked… or not?
63 Bullying Awareness

What is it and what to do about it. 

(A 40 minute discussion with Bill Kelly, CHML)

64 Marriage and Men Does marriage really socialize men. Look out for claims parading as research…
65 Student Drug Use What do parents really know?
66 Marriage Maintenance

To maintain your marriage, start with time together 

(4 minute interview with Sunny Genesco and Matt Hayes K-Lite)

67 Thanksgiving

Managing the stress with challenging family

(4 minute interview with Sunny Genesco and Matt Hayes K-Lite)

68 Is this sexual assault? On-line dater poses as single and gets sued for sexual assault.
69 Affair: tell?

Should a child expose a cheating parent to the other parent?

(10-min interview with Scott Thompson – CHML)

70 Newlywed, Nearly Dead 6-minute interview with Kristy Scott – FM 93, about my show
71 Parenting Differences Do parenting differences lead to divorce or make divorce more challenging?
72 13 Going On 30 Parenting Teens!
73 Separate Beds

Solving or creating or indicative of problems

(A 20 minute discussion with Shiona Thompson – CHML)

74 Separate Beds

Solving or creating or indicative of problems

(5-minute interview with Leslie Robertson, Talk 1010)

75 Only Child? Is this really an issue?
76 13 Going On 30 How is your parenting?
77 13 Going on 30

Teens pushing the limits?

(A 15 minute discussion with Mike Nabuurs – Talk 820.)

78 Father’s Day

What does it take to be a dad?

(a 45-minute discussion with live phone-in, hosted by Christine Williams)

79 Filial Law Can a parent sue a child for support? 
80 Teen Drivers

Car crashes and what parents should do

(12-minute interview – CBC Radio Moncton NB)

81 Al and Tipper How marriage is changing….
82 Al and Tipper 

When long-time married people divorce…

(Newstalk 1010 – 4-minute interview)

83 Sadistic Abuse in the Workplace

Criminal behavior should be treated as such for the well being of the victim/survivors

(A 5 minute discussion with Shiona Thompson – CHML)

84 After the break-up How does life carry on?
85 Teens in Abusive Relationships 30-minute live phone-in with Rita Celli – Ontario Today – CBC Radio One
86 Teens and Parents Parents must go out of their way to make the relationship work…
87 Teen Offenders Teens are found developing and trading in pornography…
88 Chexting

Is it cheating if you use your cell-phone to carry on a relationship?

(A 13 minute discussion with Mike Nabuurs – Talk 820.)

89 Financial Infidelity Spending without sharing with your spouse?
90 Can Do Better Imagine a website that let’s you vote on compatibility on looks alone…
91 The In-Laws How to manage the tough ones…
92 50 Dangerous Things Shouldn’t we let our kids experiment?
93 Tiger’s Apology

Did it work for you?

(A 4 minute discussion with Mike Nabuurs – Talk 820.)

94 Drug Testing Your Teen 

Deal with drug and alcohol issues before they Leave for college…

(A 6 minute discussion with Mike Nabuurs – Talk 820.)

95 Be My Valentine

Go big? Go small? Go meaningful…

(3-minute discussion with John Moore – CFRB)

96 Affair and Politics

…not a good idea 

(6-min. discussion, CBC Radio Robin Brown)

97 Teen Texting It’s more than just text messages their sending. Now it’s private photos and videos too…
98 Spank? Do you believe research?
99 Family Law Reform – Ontario Will it be helpful?
100 Holiday Time and Family Troubles

Tips for working out the biggest of issues.

(a 45-minute discussion with live phone-in, hosted by Christine Williams)

101 Tiger Affair

Tiger’s indiscretions grows….s 

(A 9 minute discussion with Shiona Thompson – CHML)

102 Tiger Affair What was he thinking…
103 H1N1

How to talk with your kids 

(A 5 minute discussion with Shiona Thompson – CHML)

104 H1N1 – Fear

Why we worry and what we can do. 

(A 20 minute discussion with Mike Nabuurs – Talk 820.)

105 Child Pornography

How does this happen and what can be done about it?

(A 20 minute discussion with Mike Nabuurs – Talk 820.)

106 Underage Drinking Do you facilitate underage drinking in your home?
107 Rudeness Where have basic manners gone?
108 Hazing

Good ol’ fun… or assault? 

(CHML morning show – 4 min)

109 18 and Counting The Dugger’s are expecting their 19th. What do you think?
110 Stress

What is it and how do you handle it? 

(a 20 minute discussion with CHAM radio talk show host, Mike Nabuurs)

111 Hearing Loss If your boomer age hubby isn’t listening, it may be hearing loss…
112 Birth Order Does it determine personality?
113 Safety From Abduction Many parents worry…
114 Internet Safety and Separated Parents Do you know what your child is doing on the Internet: does your former partner agree with what’s happening? (a 20 minute discussion with CHAM radio talk show host, Mike Nabuurs)
115 Michael Jackson

So, who gets the kids? 

(5-minute interview with Jeff Allen – 570 news)

116 Hearing Loss CTV interview with Monica Matys – 4 min
117 Hearing Loss 680 News interview – 1 min
118 Fining parents Britain is looking at fining parents for the behaviour of their children. Is that right? (CHML with Bill Kelly – 10 min)
119 Celebrity Children

Are they doomed?

(CHML morning show – 9 min)

120 Multi-generational Families Should you invite your parents to move in with you?
121 Hearing and relationships It may not be couple counselling you need, but really… a hearing test!
122 Newlywed, Nearly Dead Interview about the new season of the show (FLY 93.3 FM 4-min)
123 Hearing Loss Discussion with John Biggs of CHAM (10 min)
124 Newlywed Show… Hearing Loss

A nice chat on CHML’s early morning show 

about my TV show and then hearing loss (7-min)

125 Hearing Loss Are you a boomer? Had your hearing checked yet? Know the signs?
126 Hearing Loss

It affects relationships and may be preventable! 

(CHML radio with Bill Kelly – 19 minutes)

127 Launching the Kids

When your kids go off to college…

(CHML AM 900 radio with Ben Guyatt)

128 Loss of a Pet

It’s OK to grieve…

(CHML AM 900 radio with Ben Guyatt)

129 Discussing Child Abduction

What do we tell our kids…

(CHML AM 900 radio with Ben Guyatt)

130 Should We Tell The Kids Do we tell them about the affair?
131 Legislate Curfews for Youths?

How about more social supports!

(CHML Radio with Bill Kelly)

132 Prom Season Are you scaling back this year?
133 Positive Parenting Tips for managing the 2 – 5 year old
135 Parent Alienation Syndrome Undermining a child’s relationship with the other parent hurts the child.
136 Bullying  (A 45 minute discussion with Gary Direnfeld, hosted by Christine Williams of CTS)
137 Common-Law vs. Marriage Any difference in outcomes for the children?
138 Surviving the Recession

How do you manage marriage and children in view of a layoff?

(8 minute discussion – CHML radio)

139 Video Game Addiction A Fifth Estate Documentary (42 min.)
140 Surviving Job Losses As a community, we must open our hearts, our homes, our wallets and our pantries…
141 Internet Safety and Teens Parental intrusion versus monitoring…. 
142 Teens, connecting and behaviour

Connect with your teen to maintain or improve behaviour…

(A 45 minute discussion with Gary Direnfeld and Prof. Michael Unger, hosted by Christine Williams of CTS)

143 Video Game Addiction

Issues and answers

(14-minute radio interview with with Bill Kelly, CHML Radio )

144 Divorce – Recession Tough economic times call for creative solutions
145 Christmas and Family How do you manage the difficult relationships at Christmas time?
146 Christmas Blues Many issues can lead to distress at Christmas. Here are some issues and solutions. (a 17 minute discussion with CHAM radio talk show host, Mike Nabuurs)
147 Teen Drug Testing Buy the kit or go to the doctor?
148 Christmas – Recession – Children Santa asked me to deliver this message…
149 Family gift giving at Christmas during a recession

How do parents manage their guilt against the kids gimmees and arrive at a good solution for a tight Christmas?

(A 10 minute radio discussion with CHAM Radio talk show host, John Biggs)

150 Video Game Addiction More about the warning signs and action to take…
151 Video Game Addiction Warning signs and issues…
152 Sexy Halloween Costumes

What will your children be wearing?

(a 3 minute discussion with CHAM radio talk show host, Mike Nabuurs)

153 Video Game Addiction

Is your child hooked?

(a 17 minute discussion with CHAM radio talk show host, Mike Nabuurs)

154 Newlyweds and The Holidays (US) How’s your boundaries with your parents?

(A 19 minute radio discussion with Indianapolis, WIBC Radio talk show host, Carol Juergensen Sheets)

155 Newlyweds and The Holidays

Chose what is good for the marriage as your first priority

(A 19 minute radio discussion with CHAM Radio talk show host, John Biggs)

156 Birth Order

Science or hokum?

(a 16 minute discussion with CHAM radio talk show host, Mike Nabuurs)

157 Recession Affair Does a recession increase the likelihood of an affair?
158 Drugs…  Do you tell you children?

When they ask, what will you say? 

(a 19 minute discussion with CHAM radio talk show host, Mike Nabuurs)

159 Separate Beds? A 4-minute radio interview on the subject.
160 Privacy Should you read your child’s diary?
161 Bullying (revisited) a 40-minute discussion hosted by Christine Williams with viewer phone calls
162 Off to College Can the parents let go?
163 Teen Independence  How do you foster healthy independence and appropriate activities/
164 Raising Kids Are we spoiling them with too much concern?
165 Kids or No Kids Which do you chose and why?
166 Celebrity Divorce Robin Williams goes for Collaborative Divorce
167 Wedding Etiquette How to handle separated parents or guests…
168 Miley’s photo – Vanity Fare What does this say to tweens and teens? (CHML radio with Shiona Thompson and Bob Bratina)
169 Teen cell phone use at school

Parents need to monitor use…

(CHML Radio with Bill Kelly)

170 Teen Cell Phone Use Sending nude pictures between friends!
171 Involuntary Treatment for Drug Abuse  Where in Canada can you lock up your teen?
172 Teen Discipline Issues Teen is restricted from attending friend’s birthday party – right or wrong?
173 Drinking Age Should this be raised in Ontario from 19 to 21?
174 Physical Intervention Is it ok to physically redirect your child when non-compliant?
175 Infidelity Who cheats more, men or women?
176 The Prostitute Affair! Does seeing a prostitute, constitute an affair?
177 Power-Spray child abuse No way to treat a child!
178 Housework Foreplay

When he cleans house, does she get… well, you know

 (radio interview with Charles Adler)

179 Teen Driving issues Safety! (Radio interview with Zack Spencer 45 min.)
180 Who Lies Best Which gender makes the better liar! (CHML Radio with Bill Kelly)
181 Parenting Today Do we bubble-wrap our kids?
182 Star Problems

Is there something underneath Britney’s behaviour?

 (radio interview)

183 Teens and Youth Centres Conversation with Bill Kelly – CHML
184 Divorce and Kids a 40-minute discussion hosted by Christine Williams (excellent discussion)
185 Divorce after Christmas Can’t hang in any longer…. (radio interview)
186 Teen driver? Shocking news about driver education….
187 Teens and Drugs

Intervention begins with a meeting 

between counselor and parents…

188 Spanking Debate Whew – this one’s a doosey
189 Drop Dead! Ever think this about your spouse. You may be surprised how many may think, but not speak this…
190 TV violence and child aggression How much is too much. Listen to this 10-minute radio interview…
191 Bullying a 40-minute discussion hosted by Christine Williams
192 ADHD and Learning Disabilities How do you know and what do you do? 35-minute discussion….
193 Collaborative Law and Divorce  A radio discussion that also aired on cable TV
194 Parenting – From tweens to teens Are you sure you want to be your child’s “friend”? How about being a parent first!
195 Issues in counselling Marital stress an affect your health, counselling can help, but who is responsible for what?
196 Parenting Coordinator Interview with Dick Gordon of “The Story”, aired on National Public Radio, USA 
197 Teen delinquency radio interview with Bill Kelly – CHML
198 7 year itch radio interview with Bill Kelly – CHML
199 Marriage The numbers are in and marriages are down…
200 Back to School Issues and answers
201 Seeking Counselling Secular or Faith Based….
202 Spanking debate… again. Should the Canadian criminal code be changed to remove reasonable force as a shield from prosecution from parents who spank their kids.
203 Effects of Divorce on Children

Live, interactive webshow produced by TV-Ontario 

Hosted by Cheryl Jackson with 3 professional panel.

(Click on the play symbol when the screen appears)

204 Neglect Do you leave your kids unattended – and at what age…
205 Lower divorce rates and Marital Therapy Yes, the divorce rates are lower and here is what you should know about marital therapy.
206 Block Parent Do you know who your neighbours are and would they help your kids?
207 TV Ads – child abuse? Has political correctness gone to far in pulling this ad?
208 Boo Ban Would you ban booing at school sporting events?
209 Teen safety A 20 minute discussion on teen safety, backlash and responsibility!
210 Bubble-wrap Are we over-protective with our kids these days?
211 Child Safety Do you play Russian Roulette with your kids?
212 Custody Battle  Courts in Saskatchewan awarded custody to the adoptive parents over the natural father…
213 The challenge of parenting How do you discipline?
214 Couples Handling Finances Talk it through and plan to keep out of debt!
215 Power and control, abuse … counselling A 15 minute discussion on an important subject…
216 Teen Truancy / Teen Drug Use How to keep kids in school… and does your teen drink alone?
217 Reporting Sexual Abuse What are the issues of the mother in reporting sexual abuse by the father?
218 Teen Stress A discussion on teen issues and solutions
219 Spanking Revisited Again! A hot debate!
220 Teen Depression An audio interview with slides discussion teen depression – 20 minutes
221 Bully! Do we admire bullies?
222 Web-Time Does time on the Internet take away from family time?
223 Language Tweens (10 – 14 year olds) are getting caught up using profanity and thinking it’s OK. Do you?
224 Childhood Obesity Do we dare tell our kids when they are overweight?
225 Marriage Do you know the risk factors and protective factors for marriage? The research says…
226 Co-Parenting The key ingredients to successful co-parenting after separation are…
227 No! The key to developing frustration tolerance is telling your child “no”.
228 Don’t be held hostage Managing out of control youths at home.
229 Engaging Youth in School Making school attractive hooks kids in…
230 Rebuilding Rapport Teen out of control? Build rapport to enable influence…
231 Dysfunctional Family? A better way of thinking about this is…
232 Parental Influence Think your teen needs counselling… consider these issues…
233 Launching Pad Parental behaviour sets the launching pad for youth behaviour. The issue is determining direction…
234 Affluence vs. Poverty Affluence and poverty can both negatively affect youth… Here’s the difference.
235 Hamilton Court takes action: Parent Alienation Syndrome June 2006 – Ontario Court of Appeal upholds a lower Court’s decision to transfer custody of children to other parent…
236 Parent Alienation Syndrome When between separated parents, one parent brain washes the child against the other parent…
237 Early onset teen sex

Do you know what your teen’s “SMD” is?

(Sexual Media Diet)

238 Teen Help What’s a 12-year-old doing going to an all ages club late at night… 
239 Teen Rape This is a discussion of a teen rape in a local community. It is difficult for me to contain my feelings here…
240 Teen Sex When do you start discussing it!
241 For the Sake of the Kids Stay together or divorce…?
242 Prime Minister Harper as a Father What kind of dad is he?
243 Tough Love Would you turn your son in if you found him with a gun?
244 New Year Resolutions Do you know the Granddaddy of all resolutions?
245 Holiday Access (TV)Holiday Access (680 News Radio) Don’t carve up the kids, carve up the time. Here are some strategies…
246 Spanking Revisited New data suggests that even when adjusting for culture, go past what is culturally accepted and run the risk of aggressive children…
247 Pot and Parenthood Does a mix of pot and parenthood lead to investigation by child protective services?…
248 Delaying Having Kids How long will you wait to have kids… Have you asked yourself these questions?
249 Online Counseling for Teens

Where do your teens go to for help… Online Counseling?

Kids Helpline – Canada

250 Child Protection Gone Wrong A child in care dies at age 6. What went wrong?
251 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse Will you report a case of suspected child abuse… Survey says…
252 Divorce Kids in the cross-fire… Does divorce hurt kids and are both parents important?
253 Peer Pressure

What parents fear… Yet parents are the most influential…

254 Affairs

Thinking of an affair? Think again. Here’s why…

255 Leaving the Nest Eventually kids leave home. Here’s how to make it work…

256 Stranger Danger How do we prepare our kids in case of strangers?

257 Kids Talking Back Does your son or daughter talk back?

258 Talking to Teens Even a 30 second conversation is a start…

259 Violence at Home How parents behave matters most.

260 Mediation Can’t agree on a parenting plan? Consider mediation.

261 Step Families So, how long does it take until we all come together?

261 Spanking Please don’t. Here’s why.

262 Parental Monitoring Keeping an eye on your teens is a good thing.

263 Preference Why does a child chose one parent over another after divorce?

265 Self Esteem Tips to healthy self-esteem


Internet Porn 1

Internet Porn 2

How do parents protect their children from internet porn?

267 Bullying What is it and what can you do?

268 Chat-Line Safety Protecting kids from on-line predators

269 Keeping kids safe A discussion of serious safety concerns for young children

270 Inter-Faith Marriage Do kids chose religion?

271 Social work is Just what do social workers do?

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