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It’s Not the Economy. It’s Racism.

June 29, 2020

I am watching what is unfolding in the US with horror.

COVID-19 is spiking.

The US is a world hot spot for the virus.

They are one of the four places with the highest number of cases and deaths in the world despite only having 4% of the world’s population.

In a country that was a global leader in managing world issues, their current leadership continues to dismantle protections from health, safety, equality and general wellbeing.

The mantra is it’s all about the economy.

It isn’t. It has never been about the economy. That has been a rouse for racism.

The policies of the current administration has favored whites at the expense of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color).

With the administration pretending that the virus would never take hold, would be controlled quickly, would be over soon, is over but for a few areas, they have intentionally undermined control of the spread.

In so doing it is those who are BIPOC who are dying disproportionately to whites.

These are the persons who are the front line in service and servitude.

Not having a cogent plan, not admitting the danger of the virus, not controlling it, is all part of a racist agenda.

Speaking and using the rouse of the economy benefits primarily white Americans while others are sick and dying and with less access to healthcare than ever before.

At the same time Hispanic children remain forgotten, still living in cages. Why? Color.

All this in a country that previously and despite still having flaws, was still nonetheless a world leader, using its power for higher aims.

The president is leading. Republicans are following.

Only in recent weeks have some broken ranks. Even military leaders have had to speak out when the administration turned justice and police on peaceful protesters for Trump’s photo op.

Racism has become the flashpoint in America.

This time however, those directly affected are joined by more and more white people.

The Emperor is wearing no clothes. We see it for what it is and it is ugly, needs to be spoken to and stopped.

We are witnessing racism and systemic racism here in Canada too.

Wellness checks by police are having Indigenous and people of color shot dead. There is a call for more training and relocation of budget funds for more appropriate services to respond.

We are not immune to racism. It is rampant in Canadian political parties along with other forms of prejudice and discrimination.

In our own parliament, NDP leader Jagmit Singh is censured for calling out racism when seeking to put through a motion and statement against racism.

Please be kind, caring, compassionate and inclusive.

Do speak out against racism.

Do not let your silence enable those those would discriminate and hate go unchallenged.

Support one and other.

Be and act as you inspire your better self to be.

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