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Chill Pills and Other Ideas

October 19, 2016

I received the following question this morning by email:

Recently I saw an episode of Newlywed/Nearly Dead.”   In the show, you “prescribed” chill pills for the wife and I wonder if these are actually on the market.  These were capsules with notes inside telling her to do pushups or jumping jacks or ohms in order to relax.  I have a problem with procrastination and thought of doing something similar but was curious if those capsules were actually available.  I am prepared to write notes and put them in a jar. However, I have mentioned this to a friend and he thought it a great idea for stress, or any issue where someone needs just a little push to do better.  Just thought I’d ask.


My reply:

It was so enjoyable being part of Newlywed/Nearly Dead.

We had a crew of great people who would make the props used in the show.

So, no, those capsules are not on the market, although maybe it would be a good idea if they were.

I do think it’s great you picked up on the idea to use yourself.

I frequently suggest that people put whatever message they need to hear on a piece of paper and tape it to the fridge.

We all need to be reminded of something in life….


Personally, I have the word “Relax” carved in wood. It sits above my computer monitor.

It reminds me to slow down and take a break. I love what I do and can get so caught up in it, I forget all else. With that reminder, I leave the computer and spend time with my wife. She likes the sign too.

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