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Workshops: Informational, Practical and Entertaining.

February 25, 2016

Workshops and Key Note presentations are about the learner, not the presenter, yet the outcome is fully determined by the person at the front of the room.

Each year I provide several workshops on behalf of Child Development Resource Connection Peel (CDRCP). A few weeks ago I provided a workshop for Early Childhood Educators on how to get along with multi-generational staff. Truth is, this workshop extends to discussion about working in a multi-cultural context too. Other workshops have discussed strategies for behavior management; the impact of domestic violence upon children; managing children between separated parents and more.

The CDRCP does a good job at not only organizing (my workshops are usually sold out), but also in collecting workshop evaluations. The following are the comments participants provided in response to the recent multi-generational staff workshop. This is typical of the feedback I receive to my workshops:


General Comments:

  • Workshop went well. Examples and stories were used.
  • Teach style was more interactive, real life experiences that were relatable.
  • Great workshop. Very informative. Great speaker.
  • This workshop was helpful when dealing with somewhat difficult people.
  • Amazing workshop! This is my second time attending Gary’s. Informative and help you think about ways you can change without blaming anyone. Being empathetic or approaching a situation can help change the outcome of a difficult situation.
  • Great speaker.
  • Informative. I like the personal experiences shared.
  • I really enjoyed Gary’s workshop, he is very educational.
  • Fantastic! Incredible, personal, relatable, and adherent to the needs of the people attending. Gary leads by example and gives fantastic strategies and I hope to attend more workshops hosted by Gary. I’ll be visiting his website.
  • Fantastic. I learned a lot. It was great how he asked lots of questions, approaches and useful resources.
  • Very informative. Learned new information on how to deal with different issues.
  • Great workshop. Informative.
  • The workshop was very informative.
  • Really enjoyed the workshop. It was engaging and educational.
  • Fantastic. Informative.
  • The workshop was very interesting.
  • Great knowledge about multi-cultural diversity.
  • Open up minds and ideas in how to approach everyday situations.
  • Always love Gary workshops. Very informative, entertaining and motivating.
  • Workshop was very informative. Giving personal life experiences helps us think. How easy to work like this.
  • Very informative workshop. Lots of strategies addressed.
  • Very interactive. Liked how questions were asked first. Good strategies.
  • This was a good workshop. Love the way Gary focused on our needs. Great workshop. Very informative.

I will implement the information from this workshop by:

  • Learning to be kind to others.
  • Listing some the strategies to build health relationships throughout my family experiences.
  • Using the information given and apply it within my classroom and wit team maters and families.
  • Talking to our staff in a manner that will not offend them.
  • Being more open-minded and flexible with others.
  • Applying it to my life by letting go of “ego”. When upset and seeing other peoples perspective.
  • Being flexible and open to my coworkers.
  • Introducing different strategies to my co-workers and parents.
  • How to communicate with the people I work with. As well as use this time to self-reflect.
  • Using it daily in my program when needed for different strategies to deal with different situations.
  • Practicing these strategies in my work place on a daily basis when dealing with conflict whether with a co-worker or parent.
  • Trying to use these strategies in my workplace.
  • Listening before speaking and show more empathy towards my co-workers.
  • Using it with my room partners.
  • Introducing this topic to my staff and allow them to understand each other before making judgments about generations.
  • Multi-generational staff strategies.
  • Techniques towards approaching staff
  • Using it on a daily basis. Both at work and outside work. I will make an extra effort to be mindful and flexible when dealing with others.
  • Using the strategies discussed. Become more attuned of how I approach situations.
  • Reflecting these strategies and attempting to implement those that are most helpful.
  • Addressing my issues with my coworker in a more positive manner.


If I could make one change tomorrow, I would …

  • Think less of myself when at work.
  • Be more receptive of others and the way I deliver messages.
  • Show empathy and be open minded.
  • Discuss with my co-workers about this workshop.
  • Approach situations positive. Don’t play the blame game.
  • Continue to smile no matter how bad the situation gets in the field.
  • Be more understanding to someone who has different ideas to share. So it can be more enjoyable to work with.
  • Be more self-aware as to how I am viewed.
  • Think of my approach and is it a positive approach.
  • Educate myself more on how to deal with problematic children
  • Make understanding of every culture.
  • Let go of my ego.
  • Communicate efficiently with my coworkers.
  • Mix different generations together in rooms so they can learn from one another team to problem solve and build a stronger/ positive relationship within the classroom.
  • Let go of ego seems to be a major contribution to issues.
  • Approach without ego.
  • Try to be more approachable.
  • Drop my ego and approach my coworker differently.
  • Be more mindful of how I approach co-workers and use different techniques and let go of ego. Be more pleasurable.


Workshops need to be informational, must meet the learners’ needs, should be practical and is best if somewhat entertaining. If your organization, staff group, parent group, members, etc, could benefit from a workshop regarding parenting, family life, separation/divorce, relationships, conflict and the like, please feel free to call me to discuss. I would be happy to travel and it would be my pleasure to be of service.

I am Gary Direnfeld and I am a social worker.

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

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Gary Direnfeld is a social worker. Courts in Ontario, Canada, consider him an expert in social work, marital and family therapy, child development, parent-child relations and custody and access matters. Gary is the host of the TV reality show, Newlywed, Nearly Dead, parenting columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and author of Marriage Rescue: Overcoming the ten deadly sins in failing relationships. Gary maintains a private practice in Dundas and Georgina Ontario, providing a range of services for people in distress. He speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America.

If your relationship is faltering, then set it as your priority.

Read: Marriage Rescue: Overcoming ten deadly sins in failing relationships.

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